We are delighted to announce that … (Fanfare) …“Want to Adopt: how to prepare yourself to parent a child from the care system” is available to purchase now!!

Who is it for?

  • existing adopters, foster carers and SGO’s
  • prospective adopters, foster carers and SGO’s
  • social workers
  • decision makers including local and national politicians
  • family and friends of the above.
  • yes, it sounds like ‘everyone’ … and I reckon ‘everyone’ would benefit from reading it.

Why read it?

  • You will learn new models, skills and ways of thinking.
  • It has a coaching/mentoring feel, tools for self-exploration and fresh ways of thinking.
  • It sits alongside Bubble Wrapped Children. There is no duplication of material.
  • There is an entire chapter on self-regulation and applying the polyvagal theory to living with traumatised children. It’s pioneering stuff.
  • It’s what I wished I’d known before and during my 25 years of adoptive parenting

If you are feeling jaded, this book will help you reconnect to your original motivation and give you some new skills and a few laughs.

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