I hate being right.  The  documents the massive steps a mother took to get help for her son. It was constantly refused (below the threshold). She pleaded. He killed.

Two families and a network of friends shattered. Society incarcerates, while judging the behaviour disregarding the root cause.

This is what happens to a hurt child without intervention. They grow into hurt, scared, rage filled traumatised adolescents then adults.

Children grow into adults! Who knew?

This is why I continue to write and train in the child trauma world and bang on about need for early interventions. It’s how we future-proof children. We have the audacity to call ourselves a civilised society.  Because of blind short term thinking everyone suffers long term. Consider the financial and emotional cost of this single case then justify lack of trauma informed work with hurt children. (Seen my Cost of Trauma April 08 article, almost a decade later and its still true. Gggrr).

Slam this Guardian article  down in front of budget holders and decision makers.

I spoke to the New South Wales Child Protection conference recently (one hour live streamed) illustrating that what lurks below there behaviour of a hurt child needs forensic thinking and early intervention. I wish TIM (Traumatised Infant Maltreated ) and TAMIE (Terrified Anxious Maligned Insecure Emotionally) didn’t exist, but they do and we have to facilitate the melting of their trauma. Here is  link to my keynote address .

You could proffer this video to budget holders and decision makers, maybe with popcorn and soda or a cuppa and plate of cookies. Keep them sweet and informed. If they get the “why”, they will work out the “how to”.

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