The gulf of disapproval

<img src="infograph.png" alt="Gulf of Disapproval">

Gulf of Disapproval – Seth Godin

Beware the gulf of disapproval between those who “get it” (“it” being an idea, concept or innovation) and those who don’t. Seth Godin’s blog today is profound and elegant. The diagram beautifully simple. (I love this guy).

Those who “get” the legacy of infant trauma, understand that the behaviour of a teenager (who¬†experienced significant maltreatment in childhood) blasting out aggresively in the fruit aisle is probably fear or shame driven.

Those who dont “get trauma”, just see a bad parent, unable to control their offspring. Thats tough when you are the¬†foster or adoptive parent who did not inflict the damage.

The unvoiced judgement of strangers in a shopping mall hurts: despite their ignorance and your skills as a therapeutic parent:

Seth Godin blog: Beware the gulf of disapproval